Cooling Fans / 8CM

ELUTENG 12V/1A Fan Silent 80mm Fan 3 Speeds Adjustable PC Fan Portable Desk Fan with Power Adapter Ideal For PS4/PC/Xbox/TV Box/Laptop/AV Cabinet, Black

【DC Power Cooling Fan】The latest upgraded 80 * 80mm fan with 12V 1A DC power adapter (cable length 1.5m), more stable power supply and stronger wind. With speed adjustment switch, there are 3 speeds for you to choose, you can adjust the noise and air volume according to the use environment or purpose.

【More Powerful Air Volume】The 12V 1A DC power adapter has a stable and powerful power supply, plus 7 large blades, the maximum speed is 4000RPM, which is 1.6 times that of the previous generation 8cm fan; the air volume can reach 46.6CFM, which is 1.4 times that of the previous generation 8cm fan; Cooling requirements, suitable for cooling PS4/ PC / laptop / TV box / receiver / AV cabinet / projector / router and other equipment.

【Quiet as Whisper】It uses a ball-bearing motor and is very quiet. Its operating noise is only 33.5 (weak) to 40 db (strong), so you can use it in a quiet place such as a library or study. (We recommend that you choose "weak" while sleeping). The theoretical life is about 60,000 hours, and it can work continuously for 24 hours without increasing noise.

【Safety Design】Metal fan covers are installed on both sides to prevent fingers from getting in and increase friction for better grip. In addition, foreign matter such as cables can be prevented from entering, making it safer and more reliable to use.

Fan size: 8cm * 8cm * 3.5cm (including protective cover); fan cable length: 0.84M; adapter cable length: 1.5M; DC plug.

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Technical Details
Brand name ELUTENG
Boxed-product Weight 299 g
Date First Available 10 Feb. 2020
Size 8cm * 8cm * 2.5cm
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ELUTENG 120 * 120mm fan with L / M / H three-stage adjustable switch, choose the right speed according to different needs, small size, bring more convenience to your life.

The higher the wind speed, the louder the noise; if a quiet environment is required, adjust the speed to a low level.